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The VPE Forum – Exchanging ideas among software development leaders

Are you an Engineering VP at a rapidly growing software company?

Software Development has its challenges. Don’t go it alone. Instead meet with other software development executives who will become your most valuable network of trusted advisors, helping with your most pressing needs.

The VPE Forum harnesses the power of mutual interest, outside perspective, and real-world experience to put the collective experience of leaders to work for you. Small, dedicated groups of executives from non-competing, similarly sized companies meet on a regular basis in a confidential, trusting environment to solve member challenges and exchange best practices. Members benefit from the insights, honest advice and shared practices of their peers.

Member Profile

Participation is by invitation. Members are executives responsible for software development in rapidly growing, investor-backed software companies. Members are smart, innovative leaders who collaborate openly, value continuous improvement, and have a passion for making an impact for their companies.

How the Program Works

Members join a forum that meets five times a year for full-day, in-depth sessions. Meetings are expertly prepared and facilitated. Sessions include:

Member challenges: The cornerstone of the program – members present real challenges in a supportive and confidential environment and receive honest insight and guidance that can be applied immediately.

Best practice topics: Members prioritize topics to discuss at each meeting. A continually evolving list of topics encompasses areas key to every software development executive:

  • Leading the Development Team
  • Managing Technology
  • Agile Practices, Roadmaps and Project Success
  • Communications, Executive Relations, Finance

Guest Subject Matter Experts: Guests join meetings from time to time to enrich areas of importance to members.

Accountability: Every meeting provides an opportunity for members to report back on actions taken, experiments tried and results experienced – all with the goal of helping members move toward their desired outcomes.

To learn how some of the fastest growing software companies in Boston are benefiting from The VPE Forum, contact Melanie at